Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden came to preeminence in the 1990’s during a time when many artists, critics and collectors were quietly championing a return to the art of painting. With his masterful technique and disquieting content, Ryden quickly became one of the leaders of this movement on the West Coast.

Upon first glance Ryden’s work seems to mirror the Surrealists’ fascination with the subconscious and collective memories. However, Ryden transcends the initial Surrealists’ strategies by consciously choosing subject matter loaded with cultural connotation. His dewy vixens, cuddly plush pets, alchemical symbols, religious emblems, primordial landscapes and slabs of meat challenge his audience not necessarily with their own oddity but with the introduction of their soothing cultural familiarity into unsettling circumstances.

Viewers are initially drawn in by the comforting beauty of Ryden’s pop-culture references, then challenged by their circumstances, and finally transported to the artist’s final intent – a world where creatures speak from a place of childlike honesty about the state of mankind and our relationships with ourselves, each other and our past.

Clearly infused with classical references, Ryden’s work is not only inspired by recent history, but also the works of past masters. He counts among his influences Bosch, Bruegel and Ingres with generous nods to Bouguereau and Italian and Spanish religious painting.

Over the past decade, this marriage of accessibility, craftsmanship and technique with social relevance, emotional resonance and cultural reference has catapulted Ryden beyond his roots and to the attention of museums, critics and serious collectors. Ryden’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, including a recent museum retrospective “Wondertoonel” at the Frye Museum of Art in Seattle and Pasadena Museum of California Art.

Mark Ryden was born in Medford Oregon. He received a BFA in 1987 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles where he paints slowly and happily amidst his countless collections of trinkets, statues, skeletons, books, paintings and antique toys.

Screenprint Portfolio
Madonna and Karl
Hoop Cat
Their Sympathetic Majesties Request
Sick Girl
Quadratum Micro Portfolio
Meat Girl
Madonna and Child
Just the Girls
Jajo Patron Saint of Clowns
Dead Characters
Butcher Bunny
Balloon Boy
Hot Sauce
Uncle Anesthesia
Mixed Media Portfolio
Yoshi - The Forest Spirit
Lithograph Portfolio
Yoshi – The Forest Spirit
The Tree of Life Lithograph
Pumpkin President
Little Meat Thief
Rosie's Tea Bunny
Rosie Tea Party
The Creatrix
Wondertoonel Poster
Wondertoonel Ribbon
The Birth Postcard
Blood Exhibition LA Invite Card
I Love My Label
Anima Mundi Bookmark
Bunnies and Bees Invitation
Bunnies and Bees Postcard
Meat Show Catalog
Painting Portfolio
Pink Lincoln
The Piano Player
Virgin and Child
Dark Girl
Dark Bear
Incarnation (#100)
Sophia's Bubbles
Little Cernunnos
Grotto if the Old Mass
Fur Girl
California Brown Bear
Ghost Girl
Girl Eaten by Tree
Goodbye Bear
Grey Animal
Hand Painted Guitar
Logging Truck
Maple Tree Nymph
Nurse Sue
Oak Tree Nymph
Pine Tree Nymph
Redwood Spirit
Redwood Spirit II
Stump Baby
Girl Color Study
Girl Color XIV
Girl Color Study XV
Girl Color Study XVI
Girl Color Study XVII
Girl Color Study XVIII
Girl Color Study XIX
Girl Color Study XX
Walnut Spirit
Walnut Tree Nymph
White Oak Tree Nymph
Allegory of the Four Elements
Untitled (Logging truck)
The Tree of Life
Rosie's Tea Party
Wondertoonel Catalog
Blood Miniature
Baptism of Jajo
Blood Exhibition NY Invite Card
Drips II
Fountain II
Lincolns Head II
Manus Christi II
Night Visit II
Rose II
The Cloven Bunny II
Wound II
Bunnies and Bees Catalog
Jessicas Hope
Little Boy Blue III
Magic Circus II
Puella Animo Aureo
Sophias Mercurial Waters
Meat Train
Santa Worm
Birth of Venus
Ecstacy of Cecelia
Leonardo DiCaprio
Princess Sputnik II
Big Doll
Inside Sue
Ox Suckling Remus
Swap Meet Man
Uncle Black
Corkey Ascending to the Heavens
Good Luck
Giclée Portfolio
Tree of Mystery
Bunny Cart
Regina Gloria Naturae
BS&T Blood
BS&T Sweat
BS&T Tears
Blood Show Pin Rose
Hello Portfolio
A Dog Named Jesus
Anima Mundi Special Boxed Edition
Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
Jajo Patron Saint of Clowns II
Meat Magi
The Butcher Bunny II
Princess Sputnik
Angel of Meat
Little Star
Meat Boy
Princess Sputnik
Princess Sputnik
Snow White
Spectaculum Carnis Portfolio
The Birth
Tiki God
Drawing Portfolio
Untitled sketch/study
Manus Christi I
Night Visit 1
Rose I
The Baptism of Jajo I
The Cloven Bunny
Circus Bunny & Elephant
Circus Root Bunny
Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue II
Pony Girl
Sophia Eternity's Eye
The Last Rabbit
The Magic Circus
Other Portfolio
Gay 90's
Snow Yak Show
The Tree Show
The Tree Show Exhibition Book
Pumpkin President Portrait
Rose Limited Edition
Bunnies and Bees Micro Portfolio
Animal Girl
Fetal Trapping in Northern California
 Lincoln's Hands
Tree Show Pennant
Tree Show T
Fushigi Circus Book
Fushigi Circus Special Boxed Edition
Wondertoonel Banner
Wondertoonel Invite Card
Blood Special Boxed Edition
Blood Sweat & Tears Micro Portfolio
Scarling Age of Aquarius
Blood Audio CD
Blood Bookmark
Bowl Of Blood
Drips I
Fountain I
Lincolns Head I
Meat Purse
Scarling Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole
Quadratum Micro Portfolio II
Anima Mundi The Art of Mark Ryden
Scarling Clear Hearts Jack Off Jill
Meat Show Micro Portfolio
Saint Barbie
Sympathy Blotter
Taboo The Art of Tiki
Meat Show Invitation
Romantic Moods of Jackie Gleason
Swap Meet Man II
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jasper Ridin' II
The Mask
PM Dawn
Time Takes Time
Dangerous The Short Films
El DeBarge
Michael Jackson Dangerous Collector's Edition
Are You Okay?
Pop Goes the Culture
St. Barbie
Danger Danger
Fetchin Bones Monster
The Best Of Krokus
Unpublished Roy Rogers
Sweet Wishes
Blood Book
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