Mark Ryden, I Love My Label

I Love My Label
Artist: Mark Ryden 
Title: I Love My Label
Medium: Lithograph
Size: 7.25 X 7.25
Year: 2003
Original Pricing: $20
Mark Ryden / Sympathy for the Record Industry 10th Anniversary Record featuring Mark's painting "The Ecstacy of Cecelia". The record is entitled "I Love My Label" and is performed by The Chubbies. The single sided record was originally a free promotional item, as marked on the back. The record jacket slips into a clear plastic sleeve and the overall measurements are 7.25" x 7.25". The acid etched, black vinyl, single-sided record measures 7" across and plays at 45 rpm. The jacket is printed using a 4 color offset lithographic printing process onto very heavy cover stock. Sales History Sold 1 Six Month Average $0.00 Average Price $13.05 Original Price $20.00
Datesort icon Price Source
03/23/08 $13.05 eBay

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