Mark Ryden, Taboo The Art of Tiki

Taboo The Art of Tiki
Artist: Mark Ryden 
Title: Taboo The Art of Tiki
Medium: Other
Edition: 2,500
Size: 8.5 X 10
Year: 1999
Original Pricing: $24
Published by Last Gasp of San Francisco "Taboo: The Art of Tiki" and limited to 2500 copies. Book features stunning artwork by Mark Ryden, Shag, Coop, Pizz, Robert Williams, The Clayton Bros.and many more. Over thirty artists are featured with an introduction by Tiki News co-editor Sven Kirsten and an essay by Boyd Rice.
Datesort icon Price Source
11/28/08 $24.99 eBay
08/20/08 $71.00 eBay
06/27/07 $29.01 eBay
06/01/07 $61.00 eBay
05/23/07 $66.00 eBay
05/14/07 $79.99 eBay
01/31/07 $102.50 eBay
01/22/07 $138.29 eBay
01/19/07 $89.99 eBay
01/14/07 $150.00 eBay

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