Shepard Fairey, Subliminal Print Set

Subliminal Print Set
Artist: Shepard Fairey  Blek le Rat 
Title: Subliminal Print Set
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 10
Size: 24 X 18
Year: 2008
Original Pricing: $350
Markings: Signed and numbered
ALL 4 Prints from the show were sold as a set for $350. This print is 1 of 4 released at the Subliminal Projects Gallery for "Art Is Not Peace But War" show on April 5, 2008. There were a limited number of matching sets sold by the gallery. The prints are from photographs taken by Sybille Prou (Blek's wife) of his work on the streets. The prints are signed by Blek le Rat, Sybille Prou, and Shepard Fairey.
Datesort icon Price Source
06/26/10 $517.69 eBay
09/02/09 $1,149.99 eBay
06/14/09 $455.96 eBay
05/29/09 $769.00 eBay
03/12/09 $670.00 eBay
01/19/09 $935.00 eBay
05/01/08 $1,250.00 eBay
05/01/08 $1,000.00 eBay
04/21/08 $710.00 eBay
04/18/08 $200.00 eBay

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