Shepard Fairey, Swindle #15

Swindle #15
Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: Swindle #15
Medium: Other
Year: 2008
Original Pricing: $8
"The times they are a-changing. So, we at SWINDLE want to evolve, too. Issue 15 marks the unveiling of our newly redesigned layout. We’ve made the text more engaging, we’ve standardized the fonts, and added two regular columns: James Gaddy’s Classic Graphics delves into the history of iconic logos, and Henry Rollins gives us Dispatches from the Territories. We’ve got a feature on stunt doubles, who risk their lives in anonymity to make movie stars look badass; Doug Pray’s first-person account of making his latest feature documentary, Big Rig; the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s “School of Popular Painting,” an elite group of artists who showcase the thriving urban culture of their country’s capital, Kinshasa; and a fashion spread that is an ode to ‘80s group Strawberry Switchblade. Only SWINDLE can scour the cultural landscape of the globe to give you a mash-up of content this sweet!"
Datesort icon Price Source
05/13/10 $0.01 eBay
05/13/10 $0.01 eBay
03/26/10 $22.49 eBay
01/25/10 $4.88 eBay
12/28/09 $9.74 eBay
06/25/09 $19.99 eBay

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