Shepard Fairey, Adopt

Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: Adopt
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 400
Size: 16"x24"
Year: 2009
Original Pricing: $200
Markings: Signed & Numbered
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A Mutt Like Me The day Obama stated his interest in adopting a dog from the shelter was a slightly brighter one for the approximately 7 million adoptable dogs & cats killed each year in this country. The staggering reality is that for each one sold at a pet store or by a breeder, another perfectly worthy one is killed. Our nations shelters are filled to capacity with all kinds of amazing adoptable animals including, as Obama put it, "Mutts like me." On the heels of Obama’s comment, I got a call from Pia Salk, an animal advocate who works with North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, Adapt-A-Pet. Pia simply asked if I might be willing to collaborate on a way to have my art help these animals. As most of you know, I’m a big believer in speaking up for all who suffer injustice, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or in this case, species! And I’m all for adopting from the shelter. My wife and I share our home with 2 pooches, George and Weezie, who is a rescue. They are the happy canine siblings to our 2 human daughters. The image I created for this print reminds me of a dog I had as kid, a mutt named Honey. We have created a limited edition run of 400 signed and numbered silk-screen prints that will be available at: The January sale date will be announced soon and proceeds will go to getting the furry non-partisan U.S. residents, who share our country, saved and into homes through: Check out the site and search for adoptable animals in your area or other ways to help. -Shepard Fairey
Datesort icon Price Source
10/21/10 $186.50 eBay
10/15/10 $205.00 eBay
09/08/10 $368.10 eBay
02/22/10 $210.00 ebay
01/19/10 $220.00 ebay
11/26/09 $249.00 ebay
04/13/09 $109.16 eBay
02/20/09 $475.00 ebay
02/19/09 $411.00 eBay
02/18/09 $175.00 eBay
02/12/09 $599.00 ebay
02/11/09 $400.00 eBay
02/11/09 $399.00 eBay
02/11/09 $450.00 e
02/11/09 $450.00 eBay
02/11/09 $310.00 eBay
02/10/09 $450.00 eBay
02/09/09 $322.00 eBay
02/08/09 $390.00 eBay
02/08/09 $495.00 eBay
02/08/09 $385.00 eBay
02/08/09 $375.00 eBay
02/07/09 $375.00 eBay
02/07/09 $349.00 eBay
02/06/09 $340.00 eBay

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