Shepard Fairey, Swindle #16

Swindle #16
Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: Swindle #16
Medium: Other
Year: 2008
Original Pricing: $8
Add Comment For #16, SWINDLE embarked on an ambitious project. For the first time, we created a themed issue on a single geographic location: London. In “London’s Muslim Girl Power,” we reflect upon the city’s absorption of a rising Muslim population—and we feature the young Islamic artist Sarah Maple. “Viva Art Squat!” investigates a thriving underground squat scene, in which London artists unleash their creative potential on the fringes of society. And finally—because we at SWINDLE are at the forefront of the global street art scene—we look at three landmark London artists: EINE, CEPT and Conor Harrington. Beside them, we feature Damien Hirst, who, in the ‘90s, became the enfant terrible of British art.
Datesort icon Price Source
01/25/10 $6.63 eBay
04/03/09 $13.99 eBay

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