Space Invader, Home Lego Silver

Home Lego Silver
Artist: Space Invader 
Title: Home Lego Silver
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 25
Size: 29.5cm x 42cm
Year: 2010
Original Pricing: £325
Markings: Signed and numbered in pencil
See Also: Home Lego White 

Five colour silkscreen printed plus two colour foils. Embossed design on 310gsm paper.


Palfy's picture

I had this in my basket. I don't know why I let it go. Would have looked great on my daughter's wall.

wilfsboy's picture

Great print and although I only collect the silver Invaders, I think the white works better againts the vibrant colours...

buck's picture

I like any of the foil prints (actually haven't seen one in the flesh) but they look the best since they replicate his original artworks.

wilfsboy's picture

Just managed to grab a white special..