Shepard Fairey, Basquiat Canvas Print

Basquiat Canvas Print
Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: Basquiat Canvas Print
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 450
Size: 18 X 24
Year: 2010
Original Pricing: $60
Markings: Signed & Numbered
The MAY DAY show will be the first opportunity to pick up these new screen prints based on paintings I did for the show. There will be a very limited release of each of the Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry prints signed by them at the show… extra special. The prints will be only sold in person and night of the opening. A future release of the prints will be available on OBEY. There will also be small quantities of many of the prints that already sold out over the past year. Don’t worry the prices will be reasonable. -Shepard
Datesort icon Price Source
07/30/10 $105.00 eBay
07/25/10 $106.50 eBay
07/21/10 $95.00 eBay
07/18/10 $98.00 eBay
07/18/10 $99.99 eBay
07/15/10 $110.00 eBay
07/13/10 $139.99 eBay
07/08/10 $100.00 eBay
07/06/10 $135.00 eBay
07/04/10 $154.04 eBay

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