Dave Kinsey, Red Barren

Dave Kinsey, Red Barren
Artist: Dave Kinsey 
Title: Red Barren
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 100
Size: 18x24
Year: 2009
Original Pricing: $55
Markings: Signed and numbered
Kinsey was inspired to create this new print after reading about the escalation of arson in the Brazilian Amazon by farmers attempting to meet unprecedented demand for soybeans by the EU and China to feed livestock. We hate deforestation but we love this print. We're thinking about a Friday release...
Datesort icon Price Source
02/16/10 $61.00 eBay
01/21/10 $33.88 eBay
01/19/10 $51.00 eBay
01/13/10 $69.99 eBay
01/12/10 $26.07 eBay
01/07/10 $65.00 eBay
01/05/10 $70.00 eBay
01/05/10 $76.00 eBay
01/04/10 $41.00 eBay
12/21/09 $75.00 eBay
11/08/09 $45.00 eBay
11/03/09 $150.00 eBay

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