Voxx Romana, The Dark Rift in Einstein Mind

The Dark Rift in Einstein Mind
Artist: Voxx Romana 
Title: The Dark Rift in Einstein Mind
Medium: Mixed Media
Edition: original painting
Size: 16"x 20
Year: 2011
Original Pricing: $475
Markings: Signed
Voxx Romana Wooden block Painting project (148 hand painted and screen printed wooden blocks, put together to make one painting)
Datesort icon Price Source
07/01/12 $475.00 PayPal

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John Chiu's picture

How's to buy this "The Dark Rift in Einstein Mind"

DianneMac's picture

Has it been sold?

metal coatings

Voxx Romana's picture

Sold to John Chiu, in Hong Kong on 07-01-2012

shandaleir's picture

What an art piece, I liked it. What's bad is, it was sold already to John Chiu, in Hong Kong last July, 2012. I know there is no other piece like this because it 's original. Hope to bid soon.
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