Shepard Fairey, Malcolm X Red

Shepard Fairey, Malcolm X Red
Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: Malcolm X Red
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 200
Size: 18"x24"
Year: 2006
Original Pricing: $30
Markings: Signed & Numbered
See Also: Malcolm X Orange  Malcolm X Green 

It has been noted that an unusually high number of these prints have turned up not numbered.
Datesort icon Price Source
12/02/09 $199.99 eBay
11/30/09 $78.77 eBay
11/30/09 $91.00 eBay
07/14/09 $122.50 eBay
06/11/09 $117.50 eBay
02/14/09 $286.00 eBay
12/14/06 $50.00 eBay

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