Faile, Live Brighton Beach

Live Brighton Beach
Artist: Faile 
Title: Live Brighton Beach
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 100
Size: 27.5" x 39"
Year: 2010
Original Pricing: $800
Markings: Signed and Numbered
18 Color Silkscreen Ink on Paper Archival Coventry Rag 290gsm. Released in conjunction with the Bedtime Stories show featuring some of the new processes involved in the wood paintings. This is an 18-color silkscreen print on an archival Coventry Rag 290gsm, deckled edge paper. Based off the new image "Tonight We Launch" from the show. It was quite a journey to try and convey the wood block paintings as works on paper though we couldn't be more pleased with the results, we hope you enjoy!


buck's picture

This is the only print that lasted 24 hours without selling out this time around.

jopie505's picture

Anyone who owns one of the prints of this great work of Faile, and is interested in selling it to me, please let me know.