D*Face is a London-based sculptor and stencil artist, who uses London as his own personal gallery. Sticking, pasting and drawing on any wall or space he doesn't actually own.

An associate of Banksy's he's also hung legitimately in Pictures On Walls "Santa's Ghetto" on London's Oxford Street, and recently had his own sold out solo exhibition at both the Stolen Space gallery in London, and OContemporary gallery in Brighton. D*Face relishes the challenge thrown up by each different medium, from stencil art to ice sculpture.

Screenprint Portfolio
No More Heroes Yellow
No More Heroes Blue
2 Faced
Street Improvements I
Street Improvements II
Street Improvements III
Street Improvements IV
United State of America
Sado (Blue)
All City Raiders
Sado (Orange)
Her Royal Hideous
Street Improvements II
Street Improvements
More Punk Than You Punk
Multi Pop Tart
Mixed Media Portfolio
Criminal Mind
Fuck Shit Up
Hit & Run
Pop Tart
Guns Are for Idiots
Dog Save The Queen Canvas
Stay Up
Rest in Pieces
Peace Or Bust
Dog Save the Queen
Death from Above
Can't Stop
15 Years in the Making
Years in the Making
Painting Portfolio
Saddo Sammo
Evils Pawn
Etching Portfolio
Other Portfolio
Dog Save the Queen SG
D Dog
'Death & Glory' HRH Invite