Banksy, Applause

Banksy, Applause
Artist: Banksy 
Title: Applause
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 150
Size: 1140mm x 760mm
Year: 2006
Original Pricing: £600
Markings: Numbered in pencil, stamped by P.O.W.
See Also: Applause Unsigned 

A comment on the glamorized nature of modern warfare (made by crudely cutting up photocopies and gluing them back together). Printed in lightfast ink on torn-edged, over-sized, watermarked art paper. 4 color prints on pure white archival fancy art paper. Versions of this print sold in LA did not have a P.O.W. stamp, and were slightly darker.
Datesort icon Price Source
11/03/08 $5,011.15 ebay
10/30/08 $6,425.59 ebay
10/27/08 $5,981.05 ebay
06/28/08 $6,180.78 ebay
06/17/08 $7,177.32 ebay
04/01/07 $8,903.70 ebay
02/22/07 $4,669.92 ebay

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