Shepard Fairey, Andre Warhol

Shepard Fairey, Andre Warhol
Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: Andre Warhol
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 60
Size: 17"x25"
Year: 1995
Markings: Signed & Numbered
See Also: Merry Karnowsky  Marilyn Warhol 

Created for a screening of Attention Deficit Disorder, described by Jason Filipow as a skateboard video that showcased the small group of skateboarders that Shepard Fairey sponsored via Alternate Graphics.


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I have #24 out of 60. I was an art student and picture framer at the time (95) and my copy has been mounted in an acid / uv free environment since the day I pulled it down from where it was posted at the corner of Mass Ave and Boylston street I presume back in those days by Shepard himself.

This poster served double duty as it also promoted the first documentary I knew of about the stickers Shepard made titled "Andre the giant has a posse" by Helen Stickler.

Besides the stickers themselves I believe this is the first silk screen poster attempt by Fairy to include the Andre face. Now that he has gone on to be so prolific it's a very cool piece since so many want to compare his image appropriation to that of Warhol himself.

Another neat aspect to this work is that you can tell Fairy wasn't quite yet the master of the craft of silkscreening he is today by the rough masks around the color fields.

It's always been one of my favorite pieces in my collection.

If anyone wants to know more about it let me know.

-Jerry Business

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Jerry, i am very interested. Shoot me an email

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I have an artists proof of the same print
which is signed by the artist. He also
Framed it on plywood by using four bolts
to attach the plexiglas to the plywood.
It was given to a friend of mine by
Shepard because they were friends.
Apparently artists run a set of proofs
before they do the prints to sell, and they
typically give them to friends an family,
Making them far more rare, and more
valuable that to regular run of prints.
Also, the lettering at the top of the piece
is gold, I believe. I will post a pic
tomorrow. Email any questions to me.
Thanks! -Stacey