Josh Keyes, The Changing of the Guard

Artist: Josh Keyes 
Title: The Changing of the Guard
Medium: Mixed Media
Edition: 1
Size: 40"x30"
Year: 2008
"This body of work carries more of a political edge than some of my other work. There are numerous ideas behind this work and it was a challenge to find a way to express the complexity of these issues. I find that after creating this work the ideas and images are still morphing in my mind, and have not come to rest on one specific or singular message or reading. I wanted to expand my use of site specific monuments, in particular those commemorating the civil war. Some of the ideas are hypothetical, others lean towards a vision of a dystopian future, and what the American landscape might look like after a second civil war. I was also playing with the idea of what the country would be like if the Confederacy had worn the war. I intend to continue unfolding these ideas in my future work."