Damien Hirst, Emerge

Damien Hirst, Emerge
Artist: Damien Hirst 
Title: Emerge
Medium: Etching
Edition: 45
Size: 470 x 390 mm (paper size)
Year: 2009
Original Pricing: £2,600
Markings: Signed and numbered
Hirst’s butterfly etchings are rendered here in fine detail, appearing from their black backgrounds like encased species in the enthusiast’s collection. Having been depicted in art, embedded in resin and characterized in literature for many centuries, the butterfly has wide significance as a symbol of love, regeneration, fortune, freedom, spirituality and death, several of which are referenced in the etchings’ titles. Part of the heritage and visual identity of Hirst’s work since his early days, they are the newest additions to one of his most popular motifs. To view this print as part of a portfolio, click here. To visit the Damien Hirst butterfly collection, click here.