Andy Warhol, Souper Dress

Souper Dress
Artist: Andy Warhol 
Title: Souper Dress
Medium: Screenprint
Size: 38"x22"
Year: 1960
These Paper Dresses were produced by Campbell's Soup as an effective advertising campaign when paper dresses were all the rage in the 60s. A classic example where fashion, art and industry intersect into one image. This A-line dress is printed with the Campbell's Soup red, black and white labels. At the back of the neckline is the original attached label that reads: "The Souper Dress/No Cleaning/ No Washing/ It's carefree fire resistant unless washed or cleaned/To refreshen, press lightly with warm iron/80% Cellulose, 20% Cotton".
Datesort icon Price Source
06/13/04 $1,800.00 liveauctioneers

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