Shepard Fairey, Walk the Line Small

Shepard Fairey, Walk the Line Small
Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: Walk the Line Small
Medium: Lithograph
Edition: 40
Size: 12"x18"
Year: 2005
Original Pricing: $20
Markings: Signed
No prints in this run were numbered, but all were signed. This print originally sold for $20. The run number may be incorrect, but it is believed to be accurate. From Supply and Demand, pg. 296: To memorialize Johnny Cash, I did a stencil of him for an art show, after which I was asked to create the poster and some marketing materials for Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash life story. When I made the illustrations, I used a hunt of Joaquin Phoenix, who portrays Johnny Cash in the movie, but mostly based them on the look of Johnny Cash, in order to create something that would appeal to both Johnny Cash purists who don’t care about Joaquin Phoenix and fans of the movie. (Note: This quote refers to the full-sized release of this print.)
Datesort icon Price Source
05/07/08 $225.00 eBay
11/16/07 $305.00 eBay
01/10/07 $212.50 eBay
06/02/06 $60.99 eBay
05/19/06 $59.00 eBay
03/08/06 $110.00 eBay
01/13/06 $205.99 eBay

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