Shepard Fairey, 12th Annual Ride For The Roses Austin

12th Annual Ride For The Roses Austin
Artist: Shepard Fairey 
Title: 12th Annual Ride For The Roses Austin
Medium: Screenprint
Year: 2008
Markings: Signed and numbered
This will be available as a print and as an original signed "art renditions" 12th Annual Ride for the Roses Austin, TX 10/24/08-10/26/08 "To commemorate the LIVESTRONG foundation’s most important cycling fundraiser, the RIDE FOR THE ROSES—an annual ride in its 12th year whose participants raise a minimum of $10,000 each to benefit the organization’s fight against cancer—Supertouch has paired the event’s frontman LANCE ARMSTRONG with artist SHEPARD FAIREY to create some imagery worthy of the challenge. An extremely limited-edition poster bearing Shepard’s rendition of Lance on a recent training run for the Tour de France 2009 has been screened as a gift for attending riders at the Austin event while seven handmade fine art renditions of the image signed by both Lance and Shepard will be auctioned off on eBay to benefit the charity at the event’s conclusion on October 26th. Stay tuned to ST for more details to come…" Via: