Josh Keyes, The magician's Garden #3

Josh Keyes, The magician's Garden #3
Artist: Josh Keyes 
Title: The magician's Garden #3
Medium: Giclée
Edition: 200
Size: 5.7"X 6.75"
Year: 2007
Original Pricing: $20
Markings: Numbered
This 4.70" by 5.75" print was created by Josh Keyes and produced by the team at iolabs, inc., who happen to be great guys as well as digital art reproduction geniuses. It was printed on 310gsm acid-free Hahnemühle German Printmaking Paper. The print's UltraChrome ink has been specially treated and sprayed, giving it an archival lifespan of over 60 years. The artwork has been printed with a half-inch border for framing, making its actual dimensions 5.7" x 6.75". Each print has been numbered. Print is based on a 12"x9", gouache and pencil on bristol board from 2006.
Datesort icon Price Source
01/26/10 $190.00 eBay
09/16/09 $83.80 eBay
08/27/09 $125.00 eBay
06/20/09 $161.50 eBay
05/11/09 $67.66 eBay
05/06/08 $300.00 eBay

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