Invader, Invasion Silver

Invader, Invasion Silver
Artist: Space Invader 
Title: Invasion Silver
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 50
Size: 42 x 29.5 cm
Year: 2009
Original Pricing: £140
Markings: Signed and numbered in pencil, stamped by P.O.W.
See Also: Invasion Red  Invasion Blue  Invasion White 

Screenprints using foil stamping and ink on 310 GSM paper sold through P.O.W.
Datesort icon Price Source
01/19/10 $511.99 eBay
01/19/10 $541.24 eBay
01/07/10 $511.94 eBay
01/05/10 $523.88 eBay
01/03/10 $557.12 eBay

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wilfsboy's picture

Best Invader print of all time !! A true classic..

sammyman's picture

This one is amazing. I missed it by a few seconds.

wilfsboy's picture

It certainly sold out fast !!

I was on line when they dropped sold out 50 silver within 15 mins !!

mmmike's picture

Anyone selling?

superdealuk's picture

I've got one for sale.

mouchstreetart's picture

A great chance for me!