Banksy, Love Rat

Banksy, Love Rat
Artist: Banksy 
Title: Love Rat
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: 150
Size: 350mm x 500mm
Year: 2004
Markings: Signed and numbered in pencil, stamped by P.O.W.
See Also: Love Rat Unsigned 

Datesort icon Price Source
04/26/08 $9,916.50 ebay
07/30/07 $9,802.10 ebay
07/01/07 $9,228.98 ebay
06/26/07 $10,892.74 ebay

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sydneycpellow's picture

This graphic makes me feel warm and fuzzy

numbnuts's picture

Recent prices make me feel cold and sad :(

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Agreed : /.